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Cumbria Beekeepers Association is a member of the British Beekeeping Association and is the umbrella organisation for the 5 local branches in Cumbria. 

It was formed originally after a meeting of nine beekeepers in Cockermouth in April 1901. Apart from a Mr D S Scott, none of the other founder members are known, except that Lord Muncaster was appointed President, Canon Rawnsley as Chairman and a John Vickers of Boot as Secretary. John Vickers was replaced as secretary (reason unknown) in 1902 by G W Saunders of Douthwaite who remained in office until moving to south of England in 1907.

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Swarm Collection Volunteers

We are currently experiencing a large quantity of calls to swarms which when we attend turn out to be Bumblebees, in most cases we are unable to help with these as Bumblebees are a protected species however guidelines can be found at the following address - http://bumblebeeconservation.org/about-bees/faqs/moving-bumblebee-nests/               

If you find a swarm - firstly don't worry the likelihood of being stung is very small.  Secondly contact one of the volunteer swarm collectors in your area from the list below, and we will do our best to help. 

Fiona Roebuck - coordinator

tel: (016974) 73741



Richard Westoll

tel: (01228) 792827


Stephen Barnes - coordinator

tel: (01900) 824872

mobile: 07710 416767


Sandra Wallace

tel: (01768) 772601

mobile: 07808 158440


Martin Motler

tel: (01768) 774217

mobile: 07773 007995





Stewart Beattie ~ coordinator




Val Sullivan: coordinator

tel: (01946) 862604


D Rhodes

tel: (01946) 824510

mobile: 07872 421150




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