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Keswick Beekeepers Association welcomes new members, and visitors - please contact one of the committee members for more details of events and membership details.

Keswick Beekeepers Association will not pass on your details to any other parties, and will only reply if requested to do so.

Keswick Beekeepers Association

Keswick Beekeepers is a small association made up of members from Keswick and the surrounding area. We have an Apiary on the outskirts of Keswick. It’s prime objective is to function as a teaching Apiary for anyone wishing to learn about Beekeeping and for existing members to share ideas and information.

We welcome anyone who would like to learn about beekeeping, we also welcome visitors who may be just curious as to what goes on inside a beehive. Bee-suits and protective clothing are provided for Apiary visits.

The Apiary has six to eight hives during summer, regular weekly inspections start in April and finish in September and are normally held at 2pm every Saturday. Any new member or visitor wishing to attend please click on the ‘Contact us’ tab at the top of the page,

Beekeeping can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age or gender, it not only introduces you to the fascinating life of Honey Bees, but it’s an insight to the wonderful world of flora and fauna  – what’s out there and, more importantly, what’s not. For many, a visit to an Apiary is just the beginning…….

Keswick Beekeepers is a not for profit organisation, funds from surplus honey are put back into the association for the benefit of members both new and old and for the welfare of bees.


Stephen Barnes
Tel: (01900) 824872

Larry Cowper

Vice President
Ralph Swainson

Apiary Manager
Stephen Barnes

Elizabeth Nicholson

Sue McGarvie