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The Carlisle Beekeepers Association was established in 1931 to promote beekeeping, bee health, and to help beekeepers through the dissemination of information and the purchase of equipment. Today our aims are much the same as they were then. We currently have around 50 members from north Cumbria and southern Scotland, and hold regular meetings and training courses to help develop beekeeping in the Carlisle area.

Objectives of Carlisle Association

  • The improvement of beekeeping in the county.
  • Education and training of beekeepers.
  • Public relations and education.
  • The control of disease and disorders of honeybees.

Meetings & Membership

Carlisle Beekeepers Association has a series of winter meetings in

Houghton Village Hall, regular apiary days at the Walby apiary, plus the

association attends a variety of agricultural and flower show


Membership of Carlisle Beekeepers Association is open to anyone subscribing

to the aims and constitution of the association                                                                    Snowdrop ~ Walter McPhee

Walby Apiary

Carlisle Beekeepers Association has a teaching apiary with working examples of all the main types of hive, a meeting room, and a well resourced workshop.

Meetings are held at the apiary every two weeks from early April through to the end of September. The apiary is used for teaching, raising queens and for club meetings.

Association Equipment & Library

Carlisle Beekeepers Association has a a number of extractors and other beekeeping equipment which can be lent out to members. The association also has library of beekeeping books and videos which can again be borrowed by current members.


Carlisle Beekeepers Information Leaflet

Click on the link to download the current information leaflet:  Carlisle Beekeepers Association ~ information leaflet

This Information Leaflet requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.